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Customer Testimonials 

As a small business, Jerry's Artarama Colorado, relies on our customers in many areas of our store. We take ideas for new products, recommendations for changes to our store, critiques that help make us better and we also love hearing about when we do a great job. Below are some kind words from our customers that make what we do everyday a little bit more special. We wouldn't be around without you all.
Thank you!
Gail Wild came to our Free Marabu Demo and loved using a new product! Thank you Gail for your kind words and feedback about a new product that we recently introduced into our store.

"Thank you for the hands on Marabu experience. What a fabulous product, and to think I had never heard of it! I'm totally enamored with the quality and density of the pigment, and the spray applicator is fabulous. Can't wait to try the silk paints!!

I did stop by and picked out a couple new colors to add to the ones I purchased. Thank you for your kind generosity. I so appreciate having a well stocked art supply store in the neighborhood. Especially for the fussy polymers in this freezing weather :)



Gail Wild"

December 2016

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