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Have you heard about the GoldenMXR?


GOLDEN is the first company to cut straight through the complexities of mixing and matching colors on the palette with the new Virtual Paint Mixer. Our online tool helps artists develop a feel for correct mixing proportions and choice of colors.

Artists can quickly get closer to the colors they want, saving time and frustration.

Photos can be uploaded to match colors and create palettes for new art projects.

Artists can explore colors to reduce risk and increase purchase confidence.

Best of all, it’s FREE!

Here are some interesting articles, thoughts, tips and the latest news from Manufacturer! Check back for more updated news!
 Click HERE to try it for yourself!

Exploring Color Palettes:

Helpful tips from
Here are six palettes that we find useful for different painting situations. These palettes can be used “as is”, or used as a starting point for the development of custom palettes tailored to specific needs. 
The list of websites below are provided as a resource for our customers and friends. If you would like to have your site included please contact us at We would ask that the content be related to the enrichment of the art community and also ask that you include our site on yours as well. Thank you! 

--Museums/Galleries--     (National Gallery of Art)  (J. Paul Getty Museum)  (Tate Gallery of Art)  (Museum of Modern Art)  (Louvre Museum)  (Uffizi Museum)  (Prado Museum)


--Education--  (Art Institute of Chicago)  (Sitka Center for Art and Ecology)




--Others--  (American Institute for Conservation)  (American Society for Testing and Materials)

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